FAQ - Litigation

Q: Who is Hilgers Graben?

A: We are a group of attorneys who were tired of the old, big firm law model, that raised rates year-after-year and charged for inexperience.

Q: What kind of attorneys am I getting at Hilgers Graben?

A: We are attorneys you would find at big law firms across the country.  Our litigation attorneys went to top law schools, clerked for appellate federal judges, and have worked at some of the biggest law firms in the country. 

Q: What kind of disputes can you help me with?

A: We can assist on a variety of different matters, but our bread-and-butter are complex litigation cases--patent litigation, commercial disputes, trade secret litigation, investigations, and the like.  We try cases in courtrooms around the country and in arbitration, too.  Send us an email (info@hilgersgraben.com) or give us a call (402-218-2106) and tell us about your dispute and we can discuss how we can help you.

Q: What does Hilgers Graben charge?

A: Our rates are far less than the average billable rate for comparable background and experience at a big firm--up to 50-70% less, in some cases.

Q: How can you charge so much less? Is it because of worse quality?

A: We can charge less because we have eliminated much of the non-legally related overhead of a firm.   

Q: This sounds to good to be true. What is the catch?

A: No catch. Innovation and technology are disrupting all kinds of industries; it has just taken some time to reach the legal industry.  Don't just believe us, believe our clients: we work for some of the biggest clients in the country and we can put your skills to work for you.